Sunday, March 6, 2016

Angel of the Dawn

Inspired by and dedicated to Nicole Nelson
A spirit of sweetness, warming all before her like aurora breaking across the benighted horizon casts its light in gentle wakefulness, caressing away the gloom of trials and agony of pain.  Her voice drifts across the air in strengthening meekness, bringing order to chaos, uplifting the broken soul.
Her rosy countenance blooms as a garden of joy and one gains the sense of an early spring day with all its rejuvenating freshness.  Her presence is as a breeze, cooling harshness, softening hatred and blowing vice to oblivion.
Dare we lift our mortal eyes to the feminine visage?  Reverence bows our head.  But gentleness inspires courage and we turn out gaze at last to the beautiful face. 
We recognize that in spite of the flawless skin, the eternal eyes and lovely shoulder length tresses the most powerful feature of this bright daughter of the highest finds its place in the sweet and wonderful smile.  Here we see shadows of heaven, connection to her mighty Father, and reality testifies her everlasting nature.  Grateful we are that her soul will never taste death, for the universe itself exalts in her existence. 

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