Friday, March 11, 2016


Inspired and dedicated to Rocky Twitchell
Power radiates from his palms, his fingers set, strong, quick and sharp.  Punches, strikes, and holds flow naturally from fingertip to wrist, breaking, snapping, and shattering obstacles in their path.  Years of training have crafted these tools into skillful weapons of mass destruction.  They communicate energy, resonance, and offer meaning in the beautiful passion that is martial arts. 
Formidable in themselves, but practiced in the employment of metal clad arms, these hands flawlessly shift through arsenals of guns, blades, and other lethal instruments.  They seek not despotism but guardianship, protecting the innocent and uplifting the weak.
Now his hands move expertly across the tedious topography of a keyboard.  Words of kindness appear on the screen, strengthening the downcast and lifting the injured to a pedestal of honor. 
The same hands labor for family, drying tears and pulling relatives into protective embrace.  They work, assist and sacrifice in leadership and love.
But a greater protection than all these emanates from the righteous man's hands.  Few warriors in the history of the earth have wielded the very power of God and employed its earth shattering influence.  For all the training, the weaponry, the labor and the mortal command, his greatest advantage over evil lies in the virtue of the priesthood that he holds.  Here resides the true protector, the spiritual captain, the inevitable king.

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