Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Celestial Woman's Waiting Thoughts

A lady draped in veil and finest silk
Awaited life to call to her embrace
Enraptured bliss.  The fresh and nurtured milk 
Which dripped in lavish waves upon her face
Coursed down the satin skin that clothed her form.
Surrounding her proved naught but open space-
She stood within the eye of venom's storm
Where tempests lashed, and words rained down in screams
From harpy lips where blood ran ever warm. 
But here, her haven silenced fear with dreams
Of future sweet, unblemished, ever bright
To match her soul's unmitigated beams
Reflected from her Master's gracious light.
Reposing in her beaudoir's lavished gold
She waits the Lord her story to unfold.

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