Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ethereal Glory Made Flesh

Inspired by and dedicated to Summer Driggs
Honor and gratitude bow the knee in the inexpressible privilege of knowing so magical a creature.  Fairy, nymph, dryad, siren - these altogether might touch her aura but miss the mark and crumble before her divine heart.  Human language stumbles, staggers backward, regroups and strives forward to stalwartly continue in the undefinable task of clothing in description so beautiful a lady.
Divinity embraces her form from glorious head to heaven crafted toe.  There are some who labor and strive to see their own worth; the power of her eternal purpose exalts all things about her and to those who view her, she transcends common humanity, shatters barriers of darkness, and hovers several inches above the temporal floor.
We could paint volumes in discussion of her seductive tresses, her enviable figure, nigh perfect skin and eyes of sheer, unmitigated glory.  But it might tempt us to forget the overwhelming talent emanating from her royal fingertips.  Quick as lightening they dance across piano keys, filling all within her auditory reach with blessings, touching souls and uplifting the human spirit.  They caress flittingly, trained and resourceful across a myriad of tools and situations, creating majesty and guiding others heavenward everywhere she finds herself. 
Some are angels clothed in flesh with the wonderful call to make the mortal world more beautiful.  Truly, gentle reader, this lady is she. 

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