Sunday, March 6, 2016

Goddess Incarnate

Inspired by and dedicated to Dianne Blease

The grace of her presence edifies all who find themselves blessed to know the goddess.  In she strides, pink sneakers confidently leading the exquisitely poised and chiseled body toward its rightful station in full view of adoring fans.
Blonde head held high, exuding inner strength and an inspiring self love, she reaches the front of her divine throne room.  Every eye impressed and every spirit already uplifted, her followers await her commands with breathless anticipation. 
Nothing lacking in appearance, let us take a step nearer the soul within.  Experience in this fallen world would suggest a flawless exterior deceiving, but as we grow acquainted with the open, gentle heart all eternity unleashes itself in testifying to her glory.  Here stands a woman who time and trial have tested.  Scores of devastating agonies have sought her destruction but rising from conflagration's bloody ashes shines the daughter of almighty God like a masterpiece of purified gold.  Demons shrink, evil shudders, and darkness flees at her approach, terrified and trembling in the divine rippling of her awe inspiring wake.

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