Sunday, March 6, 2016

Portrait of Sarah Bisel

Deep, eternal sentiment fuels exquisite light in her lovely eyes.  Framed by lavish lashes that grace the curvature of her brows, they view greater heights than the paltry wandering a of this fallen world. Reflecting the glorious heaven of her spirit, they sparkle like unto the ethereal spheres that cast meaning and purpose into dusty, blighted lives. Truly, these are the windows to the soul of awe inspiring womanhood.

Beauty radiates and expands to reveal the smooth skin of her damask cheek, and gracious, luscious form of her mouth. Full and queenly, her lips set themselves into gentle, unconscious smiles that brighten, uplift, and endear.

Our vista opens wider and we recognize the soft, gorgeous curls that surround this picture of splendor, fall in lush, blissful cascades upon her shoulders and caress their way down her back.

The lady speaks and enthusiastic righteousness vibrates through the air.  Strength and intelligence emanate from her heart through bright words and enlightens all spirits within her reach.

Surely here is a creature greater than rubies, a mortal angel basking in light. 

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