Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rise of the Echoing Enchantress

Inspired by and dedicated to Jennifer Hess

I recall the first day I met her, the world proving gloomy, dank, and unrelenting.  Hardly knowing how, my black Sketchers trudged begrudgingly across the implacable ebony pavement, dragged their way along dull gray sidewalk, hurtled a carpeted gym floor, and final stood stock still in the sacred shrine we call a dance floor.  Spiritually dragging, my self love and personal reverence in shambles, I gazed listlessly at a haggard view of my reflection in the full length mirror. 
I'm never certain if I initially saw her face or if the dazzling wave of sheer energy reached me first.  Either way, a messenger from heaven, sent as a tender mercy sidled into the room, dispelling the cankering negativity and seemingly with a mission to pull me out of my stupor.
It wasn't easy.
The music failed to wake me; my own efforts couldn't rouse my spirit, but something about this beautifully coordinated weapon of glory began to slowly remove the scales from my weary and battle weakened heart.  Something in her countenance reminded me of the joy I'd so thoroughly forgotten. 
Her actions and movement came to me as a recollection from a far off dream.  Her lead and guidance woke me from the core and warmth began to renew my exhausted soul.  It seemed like I had known her forever, that fate had forewarned me in another dimension that she would reawaken my temporarily injured and war ravaged mind.
Each aspect of her frame, her timing, her grace were perfect - so perfect that I felt I had known it, somehow, before.  My spirits rose and the haze that had clouded my psyche began to life.  The brilliant energy of her smile beckoned me onward; her confidence afforded me opportunity to expand; her hair, joining in the tempestuous dance reminded one of a supermodel performing before a camera and attested the fact that we all have the potential for exquisite greatness.  Each action, large and miniscule proved harmonious and inspiring. 
But I most remember the eyes.  Vibrant, sharp, and flashing with passion, they struck you and forced their audience into involuntary admiration.  Here were eyes that could slice through granite, pierce darkness, and launch a thousand ships.  Here were auspices that shattered barriers, uplifted the defeated and echoed soul sweetening brightness throughout all eternity.

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