Sunday, March 20, 2016

Smile of Light

Inspired by and dedicated to Lauralee Flores

She carries an unconscious smile unlike anything I've been privileged to behold.  Smooth, pink lips curve gently upward, possessing light and peace, but as I gaze on this masterpiece made flesh, realization slowly, powerfully dawns that her smile extends past the physical curvature and enlivens all the enchanting features of her visage.  Happiness glows in her skin, radiating loveliness and joy, drawing inward all her observers, taking captive the hearts of all before her, converting each associate into a devoted and avid admirer.  

The eyes glisten with heavenly light, inspired from the inner brightness of soul.  Pulchritude of heart plays upon her exterior appearance and the energy of her goodness sparkles exquisitely through eyes of shining blue glory.  

But one can hardly forget or ignore the heart inspiring dynamics of her angelic aspect.  Some daughters of God enjoy soft facial topography and some sharp, staccato comeliness.  This goddess altogether broke the mold.  The nose, cheek, and profile walk past interesting, laughingly bypass intriguing and stand dangerously close to addicting to any sculptor or literary artist.  This nature provides a feast for the eyes - not an overflowing of tasteless fuel, inspiring a general surfeiting of refuse, but an intricate palace filled to the brim with delicate gourmet, in which all needs prove gratified and nothing of merit goes wanting.

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