Sunday, March 27, 2016

Storybook Princess

Inspired by and dedicated to Emily Mortenson

We all of us prove offspring of God, blessed with divine pedigree and potential for celestial futures, but in some we find an added spiritual gift of angelic countenance here in faded mortality.  Some few carry in their presence a freshness, which reminds all who know them of the grace and romantic justice fated in the heavens.
Such is she.  I oft consider her in delicate contemplation for in this daughter of the highest we plainly view a storybook princess, painted with classical loveliness that no prince astride his pale charger could resist.  In her creamy skin we find the attractiveness of Snow White made reality.  Her calm self possession in this wild land of life illustrates the regal nature of her heart as clearly as any Cinderella.  Rapunzel's tresses hold no greater charm than these delicate strands of shimmering gold.  Belle, Sleeping Beauty - all of those must freely and fully acknowledge in her their superior.  A blend of grace and industry, she captivates the imagination of her onlookers and inspire young ladies to follow her example. 
We cannot help appreciating and extending gratitude to God for His gift to all that behold her fair features for she is a breathing witness that exquisite attractiveness within and without need not wait for the hereafter, but indeed can stand manifest today for all to enjoy.  In her we feel the refreshing breeze through heaven's gate beckoning us onward and reminding us that ethereal glory is real and awaits our higher, purer selves. 

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