Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Art of Forgiveness

Morning woke me gently, its golden hues quietly inspiring me to rise.  My heart filled to o'erflowing with gratitude for health, friends, peace of conscience and hope for the future.  I proved grateful that no anger or hatred corroded the happy opening moments of my day.
It could certainly have played out otherwise.  Friends I trusted have sought to destroy my standing at church.  A lady I tenderly love in whom I confided had recently returned my confidence with distain, coldness and all but open scorn.  Many of those I have treasured most have lavished upon me rudeness, cruelty, abuse and degradation, and nearly all of these without apology or amends.  It has often seemed that betrayal proved the continual and steady thread in the tapestry of my life.  Emotional agony has certainly been no stranger. 
Sometimes such trials lead us to exclaim in our anguish, "Haven't I suffered enough?" Yes, my friend.  You and I have suffered much.  Let us stop the bleeding as much as possible.  Let us lay our wrongs before the throne of almighty God and leave them in His merciful care.  Let us release our death grips on the pain and never allow it to hinder our joy more.  Let us refuse to own those injuries, but push away from them and cast our gaze ever heavenward, reaching, searching, and beckoning toward the light.  Let us recognize that the behavior of others never reflects our own souls but theirs, and thus may we honestly pity them and genuinely strive for their welfare that no darkness or vile feeling may linger to trouble our pleasant thoughts.  Let us wish them well and labor for their success. 
God sees all and will repay in His own due time and in His infinitely just manner.  Ours is to forgive as we hope for divine forgiveness.  We needn't attempt to sort out the details, for all the universe is filled with light and understands the facts as they ultimately stand. Our hands prove weak but all heaven will reach out in love to avenge each hurtful endeavor.  Let love for that poor, lost soul work in you and in me to pray and work for their progression and for their good.

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