Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Voice

Inspired by and dedicated to Yvonne Richardson
A beautiful voice breaks dismal silence and infuses into the air glorious tremblings of faith.  It reaches across barriers, transcends graphical boundaries, and stretches both forward and back through time to caress opposite horizons of all consuming eternity.
This is the voice of an endless nature and beloved pneuma.  I look into her soul and seem to view all her history coming together - her spirit from before this earth, bright and adventurous, excited to step into a shadow of reality that would strengthen her personality and enrich her understanding.  Finding herself clothed in a body, she trudged through difficulty and distress to discover at last how closely her Father held her in His arms.  Her muscles intensified and she rose through the conflagrations of trial, finding her spirit purged as the flames licked maliciously at her wounds, until she became the radiant vision of power we see today.
And still the voice extends, comforting dolefulness, testifying truthfulness, nurturing all within her sphere of influence and extending cherished good will.  How blessed are her associates!  How rewarded are her friends!
The impact of her emotions creates a healing balm of peace ot those who know the lady.  Her joys inspire happiness in others and even the tears of her anguish prove beauteous.

Her goodness casts a sweet, exultant light
Reflecting God's own love and glory bright.

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