Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Way I See You

It seems I ought to voice in language what feels as natural to me as breath.  Tis strange to consider that the idea may prove a new or astonishing one to my gentle reader as it has been a part of my blood and psyche since day one. 
When I look at you, my friend, and I count you all as friends, I see a divine child of the Master of creation.  God Himself wanted to create you in order to heighten His own personal joy and cherishes every step you take.  You matter to Him and you matter to me.  There is no human soul in this world that is or ought to be beneath my notice or outside my compassion.  When I see a stranger on the street I remember that he or she is my spiritual sibling, and that the greatest Being in the universe is mindful of them.  So I should be.  I strive to carry a smile to all, for my brother or my sister may need one at that moment, and I would render it, though I may not know their name. 
Your spirit is eternal, existing in glory before this world was and will continue long after your mortal clay rests quietly in the bedrock embrace of Mother Earth.  You destiny can be a glorious one.  I do not care what sins you have committed or what atrocities have found birth at your hands.  No one is beyond help and no one is beyond the reach of amendment.  Every last person carries great and immeasurably worth and potential.  No one is exempt. 
The last year has seen many seek to injure me in various ways, in various places, and with various purposes.  I have lain awake countless nights, praying for the welfare and seeking to appreciate the good in those who would declare themselves my enemies.  Circumstances may not allow my association with certain of them but I carry compassion and hopeful thoughts for each and every one of them without exception.  I am not so arrogant as to believe that it is always my personal guidance and friendship people need but when they shut me out I know God yet has a plan for them and wants to teach them joy unparalleled.  I look forward to that day for them, for you and for myself.

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