Thursday, March 17, 2016

Through Tear Streaked Eyes

I saw myself in yonder looking glass - appearing somewhere between reality and mist.  Vice swirls madly around me, biting and snapping with venomous jaws.  I behold an oasis in the midst of my soul.  Hobbling amiably forward I find it guarded by lethal scorpions, lashing and striking as they encircle my soul's safety zone in a blinding, all consuming dance.
Tornados of angst spin in the distance - a dusty plain churns dry foliage and scatters it like chaff.  Visions of destiny shred themselves before my face and deride the hopes to which my foolish heart had exhibited ambition to cling.
The waves of salt tears whip my form beneath their surfaces and land me face down on the beach of dreams.  Glistening at first, the promising sands betray themselves into nightmares, black and mocking the diminishing light in a demonic, unharmonious jig.
I pull myself to standing.  The wet ebony tresses lashing the moist cheek in night's howling gale.  Pale skirt floats on its breath, reaching back toward the ocean and gathering luminescence from fair Diana's midnight orb.
It may be just me and the moon against the vile stench of hellish pitch, but my spirit grows calmer.  The furious wind shrieks louder, drowning the Satanic merriment swirling about my bare feet.  Beneath my skin, the sand crystallizes into translucent form and the sensation spreads outward, further and further until the elements subside and al the land before me sparkles like the polished firmament of heaven. 

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