Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Woman of the Year

Inspired by and dedicated to Rebecca Hartzell
Who is this?  The elegant radiance proves overwhelming.  Model skin, well set locks and admirably sculpted profile strike our inquiring onlooker with natural and unquenchable interest.   Were this the limit of her charms, nothing would prove wanting.  But her heart reaches for heaven and God has endowed her with greater loveliness even than this.  Perched atop platform heels, she stands with dignity and poise, her exquisite figure fit for a supermodel and inspiring a friendly envy from her female associates.  Surely this bounteous pulchritude proves her most powerful personal gift?
Not so, gentle reader.  We've hardly seen the tip of the iceberg.  That lusciously attractive head holds more intelligence, ideas and reason than one generally meets in the average course of an afternoon stroll.  Countless the volumes she's devoured and a great many more she could pen.
This then, we can safely answer, proves the broad extent of her assets?
The heart, gentle reader, turns ever and often to God, and follows His counsel as a righteous and upstanding woman.  Rubies crumble beneath her value and all she knows stand witness to her diligence in the faith.
Yet even this fails to describe her perfections with accuracy.  This beautifully made high heeled woman has yet a crowning achievement in her personal arsenal.  Eight of them to be precise, for this lady with the enviable waistline has given life to a veritable army of young soldiers in almighty Christ. 

A mother is the highest call;
in this she doth transcend them all.

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