Saturday, April 16, 2016

Come, Come Ye Saints

Bed covers inspired a feeling of languid self spoiling this morning and diminished into oblivion any desire to rise from their embrace. I might have stayed there forever, spending an eternity or two continually hitting the snooze button on my phone.  But today was endurance day at the gym and my personal trainer isn't interested in letting me sleep my life away.

My Trainer's name is God and He's the best physical fitness instructor since before time began.  I pray much when planning anything in my life and that certainly includes my work outs. Feeling much impressed to go for endurance I designed a plan according to what I felt He would have me do.

I have never been an endurance runner. I am about as at home with that idea as an octopus would be in scaling Mount Everest, but that was what He wanted me to pursue so I kicked off my sheets and prepared to cover eight miles and then add some strength training.

Praying desperately, I asked how I should mentally approach this. I was already tired, my muscles already wanting a rest period after previous work outs, and I just could not get the motivation.  had never accomplished such a feat and intimidation began to rear its ugly head. My answer was "trek it."

Trek...I remembered the Mormon pioneers leaving everything and crossing the great American plains in their journey toward safety and present day Salt Lake City, and understanding shot through my mind like a beacon of hope.  My religious forebears had a far harder journey than this, and what kind of a Mormon would I be if I cried about a measly eight miles. Time to quit my sniveling and get to work.

Eight miles later I stepped off that treadmill with an ear to ear grin.  Training has become bonding time with God.  He leads me, like Joshua taking in Jericho, to accomplish things I could never have dreamed of doing. He inspires me and makes the way possible and I know He can aid you too!

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