Monday, April 11, 2016

Is The Man Always Wrong?

Friendly branches amiably blocked out the sweltering Arizona sun as some friends and I congregated around our usual tree in wait for children to emerge from school.  Falling into conversation, the topic somehow shifted toward the idea many harbor of men always being wrong.  The only man in our crowd, smilingly, brought the phrase to our attention first, and then pointed out that the people who subscribe to that theory are...women.

"Not this woman."  I countered.  "I have never believed that or said it.  And I never will."

Turning back to my feminine cohorts I caught in peripheral view this man's expression which indicated that he could have hugged the breath out of me but resisted the urge out of decency.  
I recall from my earliest waking moments in mortality carrying the firm belief that the masculine side of our species were filled with potential and light.  It seemed a truth that heaven often and fervently whispered in my ear, reaffirming throughout my adolescence that though guys have their faults, and a propensity toward romantic disloyalty at the foreground, yet they are sons of the Highest with divine and beautiful destinies.  I never doubted in my youth that men had the potential to be something beyond noteworthy, to stand to their full spiritual heights and create miracles beyond imagination. 

Life has illustrated the depths of evil of which men are capable.  I have seen much that might convince one that women certainly can live happy lives without their gentleman counterparts.  I believe part of the reason many women accuse men of stupidity and demean their worth is to mentally cope with the reckless masculine infidelity that have destroyed so many marriages and homes.   But though they prove imperfect, men are not as society portrays them. They are glorious, with eternal and exquisite value.  Hard to believe though it is, even the natural wiring that causes men to find monogamy difficult has its purpose in God's wisdom and will make its usefulness manifest in His time.  In the interim, perhaps ladies might consider that women are naturally inclined to prove overly emotional and harshly verbal, often causing damage and injured feelings within the walls of their home.  Perhaps women might consider that their tendency to bring up old injuries twenty years after the fact does as much damage, or almost as much, as the tendency men have toward pornography.  

Is the man always wrong?  Not at all.  Men have proven excellent inventors, scientists, historians, writers, leaders, and breadwinners through the annals of time.  Are women always right?  Hardly.  They have the ability to prove angelic if they will work with their natures and cultivate gentleness, but no, they are not always right.  We were crafted by the Almighty to work together, to believe in each other and to honor each other for the differences that make our united efforts so supremely perfect.

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