Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Only One Who Can Save This Country

I stand as the youngest of a crew of four siblings; my elder sisters generally do not tune into the political scene quite as much as I do, but this election year tables turned round and I have proven the quietest of this familial band in terms of opinionated campaigning and proclamations of what our country needs.  I love that we allow ourselves to respectfully disagree and while one sister has chosen Trump as her presidential selection and another supports Sanders with a passionate will, we have not allowed such considerations to divide us as people.
I have no problem in admitting that I cast my vote early and upon much study and prayer felt it appropriate to place my hand in favor of Marco Rubio.  That decision is a personal one and I allow anyone to agree with or dislike the support I rendered.  I am grateful he suspended his campaign before things became as thoroughly ugly as they did.  I sometimes think that God had me vote in that manner in order to keep me distanced from the wild rivalry transpiring now, and I thank Him for it.
But who truly is the person who can rescue this faltering nation?  There is only valid answer.
Whether Trump or Sanders or anyone else takes the White House, it will not change the fact that no president can ultimately turn the course of this country.  Only the Lord can do that.  We often wish that our leaders were more God fearing, more prayerful, more in tune with the Spirit of God.  Never mind what they do.  Are we God fearing?  Are we prayerful?  Are we in tune with the impressions of God?  Our president may very well make foul decisions but if we are built upon a rock solid foundation in Christ, God can protect us and render us peace regardless of the circumstances. 
My daughter often tells me that she would like to take over and control the world.  I tell her that I would love her to do so, but that first she needs to be able to take over and control herself.  When our eyes are fixed toward heaven, our behavior proves blameless and our hearts spotless, our world will be different.  Even if we cannot control the exterior events, we can carry heaven within us through any trial, any frustration, or any attack.  God is stronger than all this world together, and He stands at the helm.  Sometimes in politics as in life He may see fit to try our souls in order to make them stronger; never mind it - He knows what He's doing.  It is our job to trust Him, to walk forward in faith and to allow His merciful hand to guide us through until at last we reach His presence in grateful humility and triumph.


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