Monday, April 25, 2016

Walking Through Darkness

I wander through the soulless night
Where darkened howling splits the air,
Rough leaves dance dryly at my feet -
Dank enmity drifts everywhere.

In glancing up I view the moon
Grin grimly, blood like at the scene,
Illuminating trials' boast
That all the world is low and mean.

Its triumph floats in lifeless most
Full terrifying man and beast
Into a waking stupor, vague -
Satanic, overwhelming feast.

But yet I tread with naked sole -
I stand but inches off the ground,
Emitting sparks in every step,
Creating brightness in profound,

In blackness hues, in deep despair
I forward glide with gentle light.
The hellish torture holds me not
Nor stifles the eternal right. 

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