Monday, May 9, 2016

Bumper Stickers on a Lamborghini

Dedicated to all the wonderful teenagers and young adults out there!

Sounds awful, doesn't it?  What right thinking human would dare desecrate the fantastic vehicle with such unholy filth?  I personally have never seen too many bumper stickers on luxury or super hot sports cars, and I doubt you have either.  But I have seen many times another phenomenon that proves altogether worse and which we tend to view daily without batting an eye.  

Firstly, please understand that I judge no one.  I love all people and I respect the human right to agency, but because my concern and love runs so deep I feel moved to relate to my dear younger friends a trap into which I fear they may fall.

I understand that people make mistakes and would judge no one I see meandering about this earth with a tattoo.  But truly, isn't that the exact same thing as plastering absurd sticky messages on the backside of a Ferrari?  Indeed, the human body proves more beautiful, worthy of reverence and perfectly constructed than any hot rod.  

I see frequently dear, wonderful people who I feel seem lost about their own self worth, made evident by their many body piercings.  My dear, beloved friends, you are worth more than that!  I love you and wish you well, and would therefore enlighten your eyes to a fact to which we may sometimes find ourselves quite blind.  As cool as they may seem momentarily, body piercings look, well, trashy.  This is me stepping out of the realm of political correctness in a spirit of love and offering my dear gentle reader a better kind of correctness.  I offer you the correctness of honoring your body and your spirit in spite of all the howling winds of dissent and trumpeting moral bigots on earth.  I pray you value all that you are enough to offer the same peace and love to yourself.

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