Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Eternal Poetry

Once again, I began to write and this, from a man's perspective, seemed to flow from the pencil's own will.  Though I suppose that makes me the author, I have had a difficult time comprehending it in its entirety.  The style and rhythm are not my own - they arise from a different place entirely.  This seems to denote both love and a battle with this cold and hardened mortality, with a plea that his beloved turn away from what she sees of life and it's cynicism and trust that this relationship transcends all of those common and degrading things.  I find the structure particularly interesting, not only because it is so remarkably different from my own style but because it creates a strong, straightforward sense of urgency, almost as a warrior entering battle with reckless valor. 

We find our souls entwined
In sweet embrace
That mortals never find
By earthly grace
But by God's help and will.
You love me here
I'll love you ever still -
Forget your fear

Men's armies cannot break this grasp
When you in loving arms I clasp. 

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