Saturday, May 7, 2016

Song of Soulmates

In much meditation and pondering, reaching outward with my spirit, I questioned how a man would feel attempting to win over, not just any woman, but his soul mate.  I wondered how he would feel without her in his life and how he would feel when he finally married her.  And it seemed that as I considered this question, my pencil began scribbling by itself and I was left to read, astonished, what words it formed upon the page.

My adoration reaches far
Into the centre of thy heart,
O'erwhelming all my pride, despair
In lack of thee, my counterpart.

From nigh the first within my eyes
My spirit found eternal home
And caught me swift, so paralyzed
That I am thine, where'er I roam.

I cannot speak my heart to thee -
My tongue yet stumbles in attempt
But surely thou canst ready see
My soul is thine, and none exempt

From thy command, my goddess fair.
I worship and adore thy form,
I tumble and try not to stare
Or 'vision thy embrace so warm,

But soul alas!  I find me caught
In sweetest web of darling love.
I grasp in hand she who I sought
And thank my noble Lord above.

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