Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Lady from Turicachi

Happy Mother's Day to Martha Duarte Smith!

From Turicachi's sequia clear
A lady's birth once changed the world
When one leapt from bright heaven's 'brace
And into dark earth's vacuum, swirled
Among the rough, the brash, and wrong
She set example in the ranks
Of wayward souls who hinderéd
Bright righteousness, who loved the dank
And loathsome wrong.  From BYU
To West Berlin, her influence
Brought daylight sweet to hearts of night,
In this, demolishing constituents
Of Satan's plan.  Her faith so dear,
Fast opened up Sonora Ward,
Led souls to Christ and strengthened them,
Destroying vice with flaming sword.
A volume great might well be writ
Regarding deeds from little hands
And angel's heart proves honoréd
To point and say, "Behold, she stands!"

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