Saturday, July 16, 2016

Before We Were Born

Tender Father overlooked His spiritual children and gazed across the vast expanse of eternity.  He had attentively watched them learn and grow and now He ascertained in His wisdom and mercy that they needed another learning experience to help them become more perfectly happy and stronger - like Him.  They needed to gain a physical body and they all had much to learn, and all in different ways.  He called in a servant, who paid homage to Almighty God and asked Him His will. 

"You shall take notes of where I shall send  each child."

"My Lord, I shall.  We have a child here who has a wonderful spirit.  She is sweet and loving to all people.  What shall her life hold?"

"Give her many trials in her youth and let her be injured by those she desperately loves that she may remember to love herself and also to know to more passionately choose light over darkness.  Let her use dance to combat the stress of her young life, and when she is older she will be a bright ornament, bringing joy and peace through dance to help others through their trials as well."

"My Lord, it shall be done.  We have our next child, who has great capacity to stand strong in the faith and be Thy servant.  What shall be done with him?"

"Let him be born into a home of chaos where he learns the gospel early but then is not allowed to continue in it until he leaves his home as a young man.  His tenacity will act as a light to his family and through him all those who sought to keep him from Me will be converted to My truth."

"Thy will always, Lord.  Now, here, we have a delight woman who is bursting at the seams to become a mother.  We should surely make her one quickly!"

"Yes, but not in the way you think.  Make this daughter barren."


"Make her barren, for she is choice above many.  Her love is to great to be confined to one or two earthly babies.  I want her influence felt in orphanages, schools, and to lonely beggars on the street.  She will be a mother to everyone she meets, and she will learn to be a parent like unto Me, for I am also mindful of all my children sent to this world."

"As Thou sayest, my Lord.  And may I say, that such is a brilliant idea?"

"You may.  Next I see we have a woman who is quite ready to be married.  She was born to be married, aches for it and could make nearly any man quite happy."

"My Lord, do I understand rightly...?"

"Give her excessive trouble with men.  She will keep herself morally clean, for it is in her nature to be chaste, but I want many men to feel of her bright spirit and be inspired by it.  I want men to yearn for a chaste and honest woman like her and it will inspire them to cast aside their tendencies for lust and seek something higher and better.  She will have her own excellent husband in time."

"It shall be done.  My Lord, here is one of your brightest, most talented, most able children.  He nigh outshines all the rest.  What shall become of him?"
"Yes, he is indeed a spirit of greatness.  Bless him with mental retardation.  His spirit will shine out the clearer and he will not miss touching every single life in his path.  I will be so very watchful of him, for he is one of my greatest warriors in teaching others to combat evil."

"Yes my Lord.  And one more here I see.  She is also one of the greatest of all.  Shall we make her a world  leader, a prophetess?"

"Nay.  Make her a slave."

"My Lord?"

"Make her a slave that her blood and sufferings may cry the louder against those who would dare keep my children in bondage.  Her anguish will smite the consciences of the weaker, lesser spirits who will be her masters and they will receive the more excessive punishment in due course.  Oh, and one more thing about those last two most excellent children we have placed."

"Yes my Lord?"

"Get started on their mansions in my heavenly kingdom.  They have both already made it."

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