Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Daughter of the Universe

*The final e on hindered ought to have an accent. Copying my scrawl into an iPhone rather cramps the archaic style. 

Among the reeds and brambles lush
I wade in white dress to my feet,
Communing with the wilderness 
Detoxifying all deceit,

Hate, darkness that the world demands.
Bright purity of heaven's hue
Illuminate the seeking mind
And all my aching fears subdue.

I give my heart to elements 
Which swirl beyond my mortal reach
But in my Father's rich domain 
This all proves mine and none impeach

Authority that God bestows
Upon His daughter giving all 
Her love and strength unhindered 
Into His will and protocol. 

The universe sweet rumbles back 
To pay respect to cherished maid 
Unleashing glory on her head
With all her troubles firmly stayed.  

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