Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happily Rejected

Long ago in a high school far away there resided an adolescent Michelle, a lady in red who spent her Saturday nights on the dance floor and early mornings in the music room.  Many gentlemen vied for her favor and one fateful night she spied a young prince crafting rather impressive display in the realm of creative dance. They became acquainted and over a year forged a friendship with perhaps occasional, mild  dating. She often recounted him as the most God fearing, excellent fellow that high school had given her.

Losing track of each other they pursued various paths until college brought them face to face once more.  They met as old friends, but she marked the deep disappointment on his features as she showed him her diamond and related she was no longer on the dating market.

Years separated our heroes again until Christmas Day nigh the close of  one fateful year. Chance and familial relations brought the erstwhile prince once again to our lady's presence.  Not certain he would recognize her, and still adorned in breathtaking red, she approached and uncertainly called his name. His response was one of both boredom and happy obstinence. "Hi Michelle." It proved evident he not only recalled her but also had likely already noted her presence in the room. His expression made it evident, as he snuggled closer to the woman by his side that he was not about to move an inch to accommodate our lady's existence and that he considered himself planted quite firmly by his own princess's side.  Far from feeling insulted, a wide and instantly brilliant smile graced Michelle's features and the two reached out in a polite and mutually acceptable handshake. His next words were not to inquire after her health or family but to immediately introduce his wife, who Michelle instantly complimented and embraced.

Sometimes we find souls in this world who seek the thrill of wrongdoing with past friends. I submit there is a greater happiness in seeing past acquaintances rooted in joy and commitment and to applaud their fierce and passionate loyalty to husbands and wives. I knew there was a good reason I counted him as the most morally excellent fellow of my high school experience and I have never found myself so ecstatic to face complete and thorough rejection in all my life. 

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