Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Tapestry Called Life

If my experiences in life prove anything akin to yours, I imagine my gentle reader must often ponder as to the meaning of seemingly baffling circumstances that might accompany this, your sojourn on earth.  Various learning moments, countless hours of cross stitch and a great many trials have taught me that often when things make no mortal sense, they are moving perfectly along in a course toward exaltation. 

Consider for a moment a masterpiece half finished.  We do not understand the meaning behind shades of color blending together in confusing patterns, and neither do we fully grasp the significance of the completed project.  But once the Master has placed His last touch upon the canvas we catch our breath and recognize the genius that guided the project from its conception.  

Sometimes we cannot believe in ourselves and incessantly find error and fault in our person.  Sometimes we ask why we cannot do better, why we must submit to limitations or we feel that who we are proves insufficient.  Why doesn't God give us greater personal gifts?  My beautiful friend, perhaps He and all the world are already well aware of the famous and unconquerable beauty we possess.  Perhaps we do not need to be any more than who we are right now and allow the rest of the world to admire God's handiwork in our lives. 

Then there is the argument that others cannot see our divine talents enough.  We know who we are but we suffer at the hands of undeserving and narrow minded individuals.  Perhaps we strive for truth and have found it in great measure but when we attempt to express it to the world, it falls upon deaf ears.  Fear not - it may not be in this lifetime but eventually truth and beauty will prevail and take its rightful place among the greatest masterpieces of mortal existence.  

And then there is the trial that comes in an altogether varied form.  We do not understand why logical answers do not arise when we seem to know what the correct answer ought to prove.  Perhaps, in a manner of speaking, God wants one kind of stitch placed in one area of your tapestry, but another, more beautiful and complex type placed in another.  It may make absolutely no sense to us now but the Master understands all the variety and exquisite beauty our lives can possess and He understands those things humans fail to comprehend.   

Whatever trial graces your life now, please remember that the Master Craftsman has you in hand.  He knows what He will do with your life.  We may not grasp everything right now, but it is well, for we do not have to.  Let us allow the Lord to work on the canvas of our lives, adding a bit here, throwing some color there until He creates a soul far greater than we could have ever planned, one small stitch at a time. 

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