Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Together Forever...Alone

Stenciled in gold above my bedroom's picture window reads the words "Together Forever."  It is a mantra to those of my faith and an expression of love and hope that families can exist in love and devotion not til death do us part but throughout the expanse of eternity.  It is the pinnacle of religious fervor and the goal of every soul that partakes of the goodness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As so much of our doctrine surrounds families, it slices like a knife and proves beyond devastating to those who either cannot find a partner or have faced the horror of divorce.  Incidentally, it has been my observation that some of God's noblest children have faced  either or both of these trials, and I extend a message of hope to those who strive toward an eternal marriage but through no fault of their own find themselves continually and, it might often seem, unalterably, alone. 
My dear, gentle reader, I know your heart aches desperately, longing for the completion of spirit that seems so simple and even commonplace for others.  I know your longing, your brave smiles, your hidden tears, and your prayers of "how long, oh Lord?"  I know your periods of wanting to give up, followed by the continual nagging of the truths inside you that refuse to let you quit.  Gentle reader, don't you quit!  Never mind about what you see around you at the moment - love and fulfillment is ever and always just around the next corner. 
As I view many couples happily married, I reflect upon how lightly they often treat the blessing they have.  They squabble, they mistreat each other, they behave in manners needy, destructive, selfish and weak.  They tend to forget the marvelous blessing they hold daily before their eyes.  Gentle reader, take a lesson from this illustration.  Look at yourself now.  What flaws have you in your moral character?  Mend them now.  What circumstances irk you or lead you to impatience?  Practice patience now.  What tendencies would make it difficult for someone else to live with you?  Change them now.  What qualities could you have that would strengthen a relationship, home and family?  Strive to obtain them now.  We often say, "if only I found the right person, I would change."  My friend, you will have to live with your own soul for the rest of eternity.  Make it a delightful resort of joy. 
I know your spirit hurts.  I know that sometimes you pine.  I know you may wonder what is wrong with your life.  But you, I, and each human being breathing on this earth have no time to shed tears of sorrow.  We have a soul to improve, a body to strengthen, a mind to enrich and a world of service to provide to others.  Let us get on our feet and get to work. 

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