Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Almost Recollections

Soft tinkling tones reminded me
Of one I used to be
Cast free upon the face of heav'n
Into eternity.

My fingers danced in starlit sky
I heard the angel cry
"Behold, 'tis He who reigns above
And bids the oceans dry!"

I seem to know though through a haze
The ancient one of days
Who once proven dearly friend to me -
I nigh recall his gaze.

But echoes ever draw my soul
Into eternal role
Reminding me of who I've been
And bid my life made whole. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Deeper Love

We lavish adoration much
On cherished better half;
We bow the knee to lucre, vice
To lose our souls as chaff.

For fortune too, we spend our souls
Or seek the crowd's embrace.
For admiration take we pains
To show a perfect face.

But stay a while - breathe in the peace -
Replace the frenzied noise
With deep self love. May self respect
Reign high among your joys. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Waiting by the Telephone

I wrote this poem as a result of individual circumstances in my life but I find it in hindsight rather fitting in describing the addiction we as a people harbor to social media and the applause of the world. May God grant us strength to overcome this epidemic that costs us so much unnecessary grief. 

I wonder as I 'wait the sound
Of constant buzzing in my ears, 
My heart doth thunder violently - 
My soul o'erwhelms my eyes with tears. 

Though dreading lest the blow should fall
Addiction draws me ever near
Both love's eternal dancing flame
And deepest anguish, broken fear. 

Why should I weep? I ask myself, 
O'er love that proves so tempest tossed?
The mainmast snapped, commitments failed
All hope of respite broken, lost. 

Thus here I listen to the pen
That scratches out my blood in verse - 
I pray the Lord rise up in bliss
And finally withdraw the curse.