Monday, January 2, 2017

Waiting by the Telephone

I wrote this poem as a result of individual circumstances in my life but I find it in hindsight rather fitting in describing the addiction we as a people harbor to social media and the applause of the world. May God grant us strength to overcome this epidemic that costs us so much unnecessary grief. 

I wonder as I 'wait the sound
Of constant buzzing in my ears, 
My heart doth thunder violently - 
My soul o'erwhelms my eyes with tears. 

Though dreading lest the blow should fall
Addiction draws me ever near
Both love's eternal dancing flame
And deepest anguish, broken fear. 

Why should I weep? I ask myself, 
O'er love that proves so tempest tossed?
The mainmast snapped, commitments failed
All hope of respite broken, lost. 

Thus here I listen to the pen
That scratches out my blood in verse - 
I pray the Lord rise up in bliss
And finally withdraw the curse. 

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