Friday, June 23, 2017

The Answer to Life

*In my reading of late I have come to recognize that no one lifestyle, culture, or class has it all.  Though the wealthy may have many blessings they miss some of those healthy, simple joys known only to more down to earth individuals. And what is the purpose of trial? I believe part of it is to teach us to be more aware of ourselves and recognize who we really are.  Just a thought.

Wise man sat atop his Boulder
Calm against the sunset's smoulder
Unperturbed as night grew colder
Unafraid of fading beam

While the daylight drew to twilight
Viewed his mind with much insight
Deeds of day.  Approaching midnight
He recounted all this theme.

"The wealthy man lacks tranquil silence
Filled is life with toys and clients.
Likewise is the man of science
Prisoner of research team.

The natural man has poverty.
It seems all these can scarcely see
The message that would set them free
And all their aching souls redeem.

No one man has all needful things
Comparisons prove ugly fiends
Humility - the truth it rings.
Pain gives us all the chance to dream."

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Man

*Although the idea of this poem came in relation to a certain person, I could not have finished it without pondering the grace and potential of masculinity in general.  We often forget that we are in the image of God and thus our potential far exceeds mortal comprehension.  Let us discover the divine within each and every one of us and never believe we are simply low creatures of crude matter.

Within the form of Sovereign Lord
A hero truly stands
Above the smog of paltry filth
According to commands

Of light extending heaven's voice.
The universal King
Commissions him for greater heights
As throngs of angels sing

To Master's praise and also hope
That man might learn to be
More purified in righteousness
That thus he might be free. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Celestial Room

*I toured the new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Tucson Temple recently and as I entered some of the rooms therein, I pondered how far my life is from perfect.  The feeling there proved beautiful, celestial, and all anyone would wish and I was struck with how flawed my life, circumstances and personal strength seem.  And then another impression came.

Above her head celestial light
Poured on a radiant scene
Illuminating future goals
And what her past had been.

She realized she had no strength
To turn the drawing tide,
To shift direction in her life
Or fight the wars inside

Her inner heart.  'Twas far too much
To reach that glowing sphere
That burned so bright across the globe -
Yet drove away her fear.

"I cannot alter prison walls
Or stir from trial's place
But stands there One more powerful
Who governs us with grace.

Though here my hands do tremble thus
And failure claims my soul
I trust in Him whose plan this is
To rescue and make whole."

Thursday, June 15, 2017

When I Grow Up

"Then I'll be you when I grow up!"
The little sister beamed.
Her elder friend saw hope and trust -
A worship so extreme

That kindness bent her loving face
To kiss her sister's head.
Thus traveled they from day to day -
Small feet in larger's tread.

Oh!  How the younger tried to walk
According to her lead
But stumbled oft, in groans and tears,
Though sometimes to exceed

The boundaries that her heart had set
She simply couldn't be
That sibling who proved so beloved.
'Twas not her destiny.

At length she learned she lacked the grace,
The poise, the polished tongue
But found instead another life
More suited to the young.

She always shall embrace the light
That modeled in her youth
But found in life a different way
And followed her own truth.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Mother

*The idea began to steal upon me gradually as I opened my heart in the direction our Lord has recently guided me.  It found its birth in a certain woman as she tirelessly taught and loved her children, but eventually extended outward to include all mothers who fearlessly take parenting seriously in this world that so often degrades them for so doing.  

From dawn to dusk she leads the way
Into a brighter world.
She climbs the higher, harder road
Up through a vortex swirled

With stress, with standards, and with love
She stalwart trudges on
Ignoring taunts and demons' jeers
And all things put upon

Those gentle shoulders.  Hands uplift
Our future leaders' hearts
For in her presence hatred flees -
E'en terror fast departs.

Within the guise of mortal skin
She radiates a light
That generations, looking back,
Shall call her blessed and bright.  

The Atonement

The surface of this mortal world
Is rife with wicked pain
In friendships lost and sin advanced
Without hand to restrain

The constant flood, or so it seems.
No purpose in the strain
Of broken heart or illnesses -
Nor hope of life refrain

From pouring anguish in our souls.
It seems transgression's stain
Must mold our lives and future selves
And in existence reign.

But in the joy of heaven's light
We find all marks of wrong made right.

A Higher Perspective

*Long have I prayed for the presence of mind to pen poetry again.  The Lord has taken me through many trials and learning experiences of late which have overshadowed my creative spirit, undoubtedly for a wise purpose in Him.  But finally the floodgates opened and I look across the landscape of my life with new eyes and new priorities, instilled and ingrained by Him who is the author of all things.  

I stand upon a rocky precipice
O'erlooking time, the earth and endless space.
In recognizing mankind's helplessness
I gaze upon my life and hide my face
 Lost tears betray the tangled, dusty thought
That courses down my flesh with heightened pace.
Those things I loved but now have nigh forgot
Stand beckoning across eternity.
The blessings that my soul had often sought
Have vanished in a newly offered plea.

Oh Lord my God make me Thy child indeed
And nurture in me Thy immortal seed.