Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Higher Perspective

*Long have I prayed for the presence of mind to pen poetry again.  The Lord has taken me through many trials and learning experiences of late which have overshadowed my creative spirit, undoubtedly for a wise purpose in Him.  But finally the floodgates opened and I look across the landscape of my life with new eyes and new priorities, instilled and ingrained by Him who is the author of all things.  

I stand upon a rocky precipice
O'erlooking time, the earth and endless space.
In recognizing mankind's helplessness
I gaze upon my life and hide my face
 Lost tears betray the tangled, dusty thought
That courses down my flesh with heightened pace.
Those things I loved but now have nigh forgot
Stand beckoning across eternity.
The blessings that my soul had often sought
Have vanished in a newly offered plea.

Oh Lord my God make me Thy child indeed
And nurture in me Thy immortal seed. 

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