Friday, June 23, 2017

The Answer to Life

*In my reading of late I have come to recognize that no one lifestyle, culture, or class has it all.  Though the wealthy may have many blessings they miss some of those healthy, simple joys known only to more down to earth individuals. And what is the purpose of trial? I believe part of it is to teach us to be more aware of ourselves and recognize who we really are.  Just a thought.

Wise man sat atop his Boulder
Calm against the sunset's smoulder
Unperturbed as night grew colder
Unafraid of fading beam

While the daylight drew to twilight
Viewed his mind with much insight
Deeds of day.  Approaching midnight
He recounted all this theme.

"The wealthy man lacks tranquil silence
Filled is life with toys and clients.
Likewise is the man of science
Prisoner of research team.

The natural man has poverty.
It seems all these can scarcely see
The message that would set them free
And all their aching souls redeem.

No one man has all needful things
Comparisons prove ugly fiends
Humility - the truth it rings.
Pain gives us all the chance to dream."

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