Friday, June 16, 2017

The Celestial Room

*I toured the new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Tucson Temple recently and as I entered some of the rooms therein, I pondered how far my life is from perfect.  The feeling there proved beautiful, celestial, and all anyone would wish and I was struck with how flawed my life, circumstances and personal strength seem.  And then another impression came.

Above her head celestial light
Poured on a radiant scene
Illuminating future goals
And what her past had been.

She realized she had no strength
To turn the drawing tide,
To shift direction in her life
Or fight the wars inside

Her inner heart.  'Twas far too much
To reach that glowing sphere
That burned so bright across the globe -
Yet drove away her fear.

"I cannot alter prison walls
Or stir from trial's place
But stands there One more powerful
Who governs us with grace.

Though here my hands do tremble thus
And failure claims my soul
I trust in Him whose plan this is
To rescue and make whole."

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