Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Mother

*The idea began to steal upon me gradually as I opened my heart in the direction our Lord has recently guided me.  It found its birth in a certain woman as she tirelessly taught and loved her children, but eventually extended outward to include all mothers who fearlessly take parenting seriously in this world that so often degrades them for so doing.  

From dawn to dusk she leads the way
Into a brighter world.
She climbs the higher, harder road
Up through a vortex swirled

With stress, with standards, and with love
She stalwart trudges on
Ignoring taunts and demons' jeers
And all things put upon

Those gentle shoulders.  Hands uplift
Our future leaders' hearts
For in her presence hatred flees -
E'en terror fast departs.

Within the guise of mortal skin
She radiates a light
That generations, looking back,
Shall call her blessed and bright.  

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