Thursday, June 15, 2017

When I Grow Up

"Then I'll be you when I grow up!"
The little sister beamed.
Her elder friend saw hope and trust -
A worship so extreme

That kindness bent her loving face
To kiss her sister's head.
Thus traveled they from day to day -
Small feet in larger's tread.

Oh!  How the younger tried to walk
According to her lead
But stumbled oft, in groans and tears,
Though sometimes to exceed

The boundaries that her heart had set
She simply couldn't be
That sibling who proved so beloved.
'Twas not her destiny.

At length she learned she lacked the grace,
The poise, the polished tongue
But found instead another life
More suited to the young.

She always shall embrace the light
That modeled in her youth
But found in life a different way
And followed her own truth.

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