Sunday, July 23, 2017

Reflections on the Kirtland Temple

When the temple in Kirtland was dedicated, both believers and skeptics beheld miracles associated with the ceremony.  Angels walked across the roof, paced up and down walkways, and stood beside the leaders of the church.  A light like fire drew frantic neighbors to the edifice, only to find that though the structure stood in the midst of ethereal light, it showed no symptoms of burning to the ground. 

A friend informed me that angels ought to still reside in that building and in truth it is possible that they do, though our own generation has grown too wicked and hard hearted to see them.  True it is that after the Saints necessarily fled Kirtland, Ohio for fear of their lives, the temple was desecrated and eventually turned from rendering life giving ordinances to serving as a museum to the past.

But as I entered the worship room, the room where the Prophet Joseph beheld the Lord Himself, along with several ancient prophets of the Old Testament, a feeling of light and power remains.  Instinctively, my eyes found a spot on the pulpit where the resurrected Lord had stood, though no one had told me previously exactly where He had been and though there are several places in the temple that look almost exactly the same.  Sure enough, I was informed that this was the place Joseph indicated the Messiah had tutored him.  
Some feel it a tragedy that this precious and beloved temple fell into tragedy, housing livestock instead of heavenly glory after the exodus westward.  But in counseling the Lord, and knowing His wisdom transcends all things, I cannot help but feel joy in this brief transition.  We often cringe at the idea of a temple being employed as a barn, but was not the Savior of the world first nurtured in a stable?  Herein we find the beauty and wisdom of God’s eternal plan, made evident in the beauty and grace we find in even the harshest of trials.

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