Friday, September 29, 2017

How I Found Peace About Mormon Polygamy

Throughout the millenia of human experience, both within the haven of religious fervor and without, polygamy has found its way into countless lives.  We recognize of course, that for the most part, this is due to culture and not the commandments of God but those times we find stalwart, heaven fearing men like Abraham, Jacob, David and Solomon who engage in polygamy as part of their devotion to divine will it seems more poignant and painful than ever.  Make no mistake, polygamy extends to several major religions - not just Mormonism.

But to return to the subject at hand, to women in this century the idea that God could condone and even demand polygamy of these righteous men and women seems a highly intelligent reason to fling the idea of God aside, condemn religionists as liars and demand that these things cannot possibly be honestly sanctioned.

I hear you.  I felt the same way and spent years wrestling with this dilemma, even to the point of frequent and soul wrenching tears.

I am convinced that there stands only one way to come to terms with religion in the time of Joseph Smith or indeed at any time.  But to come to the answer one must work for it.  These are the deep mysteries of the Almighty and He gives them to those who do His will.

I came to the peace aforementioned after passing through years of spiritual travail and thus I cannot convey all I learned or endow any reader a burning personal testimony of their own.  But I can bear witness.

I confess I could not wrap my brain and heart around divinely sanctioned polygamy but even so I continued in the devotion I knew was right.  I had gained a testimony of Mormonism and though this aspect proved a trial, I was determined to go and do whatever God saw fit. 

He asked for an awful lot.

But as I followed His instruction day by day, He taught me.  I learned to hear His voice, to trust in the face of feeling abandoned and to put my own wisdom aside in favor of His.  My spirit refined. Slowly and surely He began asking harder and harder things until the trials became so earth shattering that I couldn't believe that God would ask such difficult things of me.  But ask He did and I understand now that the reason He does is because He wants to make us like He is.  He can comprehend all things - all of heaven and all of hell.  He can understand every virtue, every vice, every mental justification, and the workings of great galaxies and tiny cells.  I needed those trials to expand my mind and spirit so that I might also eventually understand all things.

So it is with polygamy.  Prophets that have followed the law of polygamy have been asked to do so by the Almighty because they have reached a spiritual pitch so high that they require ever harder trials to open their minds to those things that human understanding cannot contain.  Polygamy is, among other things, a tool God uses to pry open the mind to an absolutely soul wrenching and painful degree so that He might pour extraordinary light into it.  It also fully and completely brings the people involved to their knees before Him, as this is a trial they could not possibly handle on their own.

As to how these relationships will play out in the eternities, I think it best to trust in the Lord and leave the details to that great intelligence and perfect foreknowledge that so perfectly transcends our own.

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